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Famous People Of The World And The Actors Who Played Them

Nelson Mandela – Morgan Freeman


Nelson Mandela (July 18th, 1918 – December 5th, 2013) — Morgan Freeman (Born June 1st, 1937)
Nelson Mandela was a politician, revolutionary and philanthropist most known for his anti-apartheid efforts, which included a 27-year prison sentence. He served as the South African President from 1994 to 1999, combating institutional racism and apartheid to the best of his abilities. His name is often thrown in with Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, making him a globally recognized symbol of civil rights.

In the western world, however, the actor who portrayed Mandela in Invictus is more widely recognized: actor and narrator Morgan Freeman. The film focuses on the events preceding the 1995 Rugby World Cup, which immediately followed the downfall of apartheid. Freeman, who received an Oscar nomination for the role, remains a prolific actor. He is also heavily involved in political and social causes– an outspoken advocate of racial equality, he has condemned Black History Month, endorsed Barack Obama, and criticized the Tea Party movement.

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