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Killer Movies: 45 Films With On Set Disasters

According to Wikipedia, Stuntwork accounts for over half of all film-related injuries, with an average of five deaths for every 2,000 injuries. From 1980 to 1990 there were 37 deaths relating to accidents during stunts; 24 of these deaths involved the use of helicopters.


From explosions and car crashes to radiation and train accidents, we’ve compiled a list that outlines some of the most interesting but tragic disasters that have shocked the movie industry. This list is chronological and starts with one of the earliest western movies.

Across the Border (1914)


In a scene involving the crossing of a river, the boat capsized and cast member Grace McHugh was thrown into the river. Camera operator Owen Carter jumped into the river and pulled her out. Unfortunately, what he thought to be a sandbar turned out to be quicksand, and the rest of the cast and crew could only watch helplessly as they were sucked into the earth. This is the first reported death to occur during a film production. The film appears to be lost, if it was ever completed at all.


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