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Killer Movies: 45 Films With On Set Disasters

The Skywayman (1920)


Stuntmen Ormer Locklear and Milton “Skeets” Elliot died performing a dangerous nighttime flying scene. Originally planned to be shot during the day, using camera filters to make it look like night, Locklear insisted that it be shot at night after learning that his contract with Fox Studios was not being renewed, and this was likely his last film. In front of a large crowd of spectators, the two pilots were to do a tailspin down to the earth and pull up at the last second, using large studio lights to signal to them when to pull up. Unfortunately, the lighting cues did not go off, and the pilots crashed, dying instantly. Fox proceeded to rush post-production and release the film as soon as possible, in order to capitalise on the crash. The film is now lost.

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