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The top 10 most pirated shows of March 2016

The Walking Dead and House of Cards topped the charts across the board of the most pirated TV shows in March. Take a look at SimilarWeb’s top most downloaded television shows for March of 2016.

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On KAT, House of Cards had a slight advantage, but in this epic showdown of Frank Underwood vs. the zombies the zombies ultimately win.

The Irish-Canadian historical drama has been performing well in its 4th season and fans were delighted to learn that the show was just renewed for a 5th season.

Better Call Saul and Daredevil are two shows that have seen their popularity rise significantly since last month and it seems both shows have found consistent online audiences.

In February, comedies did not perform well among torrent users and only two comedies were able crack any of the top 10 lists. Big Bang Theory ranked 6th on and Shameless became the 8th most popular show on Pirate Bay.

The X-Files along with DCs Legends of Tomorrow have completely fallen off the torrent charts.

Also popular are Arrow, Gotham, and Netflixs Daredevil which released its second season on March 18th.

Other popular shows among torrent users include Suits, The 100, and Black Sails, though Black Sails and The 100 only ranked on one list each.

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